Gander Mountain Choose Parker for 3rd CO Location

Gander Mountain Choose Parker for 3rd CO Location


Minnesota-based outdoor chain, Gander Mountain, has chosen Parker, Colorado as the location for it’s third Colorado store. The store will open in the spring in the Crown Point retail development. This location will be the first new location since the Thornton store was opened in 2005. Located near E-470 and Parker Road, the newest location will boast an impressive 57,600 square feet of retail space.

“There are a lot of outdoor enthusiasts in that area,” said Gander Mountain Manager Joe Herter. “Castlewood Canyon State Park is just south of there for our camping clientele, and there’s great antelope hunting out on the high plains by Bennett and Strasburg, and there’s a lot of growth going on along E-470.”

Since 2012, the outdoor retail store has grown rapidly which now has 160 stores in 27 states. Gander Mountain was founded in 1960 in Wisconsin and now has it’s corporate headquarters in St. Paul, Minnesota. It has grown to become a huge competitor for companies like Cabela’s and Bass Pro Shop.

Not only will the new store bring joy to the outdoor enthusiast but also to those who are looking for jobs. Typically speaking, it takes around 70 employees to fully operate a new Gander Mountain according to Herter. Around 20-30 of those are full-time employees.

Gander Mountain is leasing the retail property from Guggenheim Retail Real Estate Partners. They are a subsidiary of the investment firm, Guggenheim Partners. They are responsible for selecting architects and contractors as well as funding the building.

According to Herter, the store is supposed to open in 2016 but could be delayed if construction plans don’t go as schedule. The site where the store will be located needs to have some work completed before building can start. “There’s some work that needs to be done to that site,” he said. “There’s a ravine that runs through the middle of it right now.”

This newest Gander Mountain location in Parker is a part of a much larger expansion project. Up to 11 stores have been planned over 2015 and 2016. The first Colorado gander Mountain store was opened in Aurora.