IRS and MoneyPak Scam Hits Parker

IRS and MoneyPak Scam Hits Parker


A well-known scam that has hit Parker, Colorado before made another appearance in the town this past fall. First hitting the area in early 2014, the “IRS Scam” or “MoneyPak scam” resurfaced again. The scam usually involves the scammers requesting the victims to load a prepaid debit card and then disclose the card numbers to the thieves.

Most of the time, the scammers have called and claimed to be part of a bank, utility company or even the IRS. They demand money or claim that the victim will suffer financially by either disconnecting their utilities or even serve jail time.

Using prepaid cards like the Green Dot MoneyPak allows the scammers to drain the value on the card. Many victims are unaware that giving out the serial number on the card means full access to the value. Once this happens, the money cannot be recovered. Parker Police was first made aware of the scam in January 2014.

If you are suspicious that you may be being scammed, the Parker Police Department says to follow certain guidelines. The first is always be suspicious of callers who demand immediate payment. If the caller is demanding payment, never give your card number over the phone or through email. Only wire money to people you know.

The Parker Police also point out that utility companies, government agencies, or banks will never call and demand immediate payment. If someone calls you claiming to be one these places, it is most likely a scam attempt.

If you or someone you know believes to be a victim of this scam, please contact your local police. If you reside in Parker, Colorado, contact the Parker Police Department at 303-841-9800. This scam is not local to Colorado and has been reported numerous times through the country. One group of the scammers even threatened to arrest and deport the victim if they didn’t send money immediately. Green Dot MoneyPak is also working on ways to curb this scam even going as far as switching technology from a PIN-number based card to a swipe to use a card at the end of 2015.