Next Door App Brings Parker Residents Peace of Mind

Next Door App Brings Parker Residents Peace of Mind


In today’s world of ever advancing technology, it is no longer a strange thing to hear someone say, “there is an app for that”. Everything from shopping to social media can all be accessed by one touch of a phone. Well now residents of Parker, Colorado can now add neighborhood watching to the list of things that can be completed by a phone.

Next Door is an app that is basically a community social media network. By inputting an address, the user is connected to other people in their neighborhoods as well as be alerted when something is happening close to the home. The Parker Police Department is partnering with the app and website that instantly alerts others concerning neighborhood safety as well as allows users to submitter own concerns. Whether it is a lost pet, suspicious person or a break in, users can submit their own content to address any safety issues.

“Theft from cars, slashed tires, burglaries, theft from garages, things like that, that are maybe happening more than one time or possibly targeting a specific area, those are the types of things we’ll be putting on the application website,” Officer Sherry Corcoran said.

The Parker Police want everyone to know that this isn’t a reactionary move but a proactive. There hasn’t been an increase of crime in Parker. The town is safe to live in and this new way of alerting others will allow for an extra layer of security.”This isn’t a reaction to an increase in crime in Parker, this is simply a cooperation between law enforcement and the public to get the word out that there is a neighborhood watch program and they can be a part of it without attending physical meetings,” Corcoran added.

According to the NextDoor website, the app is the best way to stay in the know about what is going on in your neighborhood. Currently, over 93,000 different neighborhoods are using the free app. The app was developed and run by a group of 114 people in San Francisco, California. For more information, you can check out NextDoor’s website at